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Kids In Bluegrass is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization interested in the education of the heritage of Bluegrass Music and the instruction of how to play Bluegrass Music to a younger generation.

    How does the program work?

  1. Education
    We help with the funding of the BITS (Bluegrass In The Schools) program to get the students interested in Bluegrass Music. The school will in essence have a Blugrass Music Education Week on campus in selected classes using our lesson plans and the IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) Discover Bluegrass DVD.

    On Friday the BITS assembly program will reach the entire student body and feature a live band that will talk about the history of Bluegrass, each instrument and demonstrate the overall sound of Bluegrass Music in the styles of yesterday and today. We present the information in a way to make it fun and intertaining to captivate the student's interest and promote a good learning environment.

  2. Instruction
    The students who are interested and have parental support in learning to play a bluegrass instrumentto play. Those who have the desire to learn but the "Kids In Bluegrass" Program. Students who qualify for help after being interviewed by the "Kids In Bluegrass" Board of Directors will recieve an instrument and instruction for a period of 6 months at no charge. At this time the student will come back before the Board and demonstrate what they have learned. They will be graded on progress and if they are moving forward they will be granted another 6 months. Parents will be encouraged to be involved in this enitre process and asked to give them positive support.

Keeping Their Interest
Practicing and playing by yourself can be challenging. We want to motivate the students and make this a fun experience. We will organize jam sessions and help the students create bands so they can have a social connection with each other. We will teach them to work together as a band and hopefully play at festivals around the state. This will promote positive peer acceptance and keep them out of troubled situations.

Music Education = Brain Power
Having the discipline to concentrate understand instructions be responsible for your actions, have patience take care of your instrument and show respect for your fellow musicains are fundamental life lessons that we teach. Our students will make better grades in school and be bettter citizens in our society. Music is truly a gift of life.

Our Pledge to You
When you think of leaving your philanthropic legacy you search for a causethat is dear to your heart where you know you can truly make a difference. Your "ultmiate gift" will be maintained and multiplied through sound management practices. We work hard to make sure gifts are used in the most effcient and effective manner. Being good sewards of our financial resources is important both for providing the best results today and making sure we're able to continue our mission into the future.

Make a Difference
"Kids in BLuegrass" has many programs to accept donations of appreciated assets, which may yeild tax advantages for the donor while providing valuable resources to help accomplish our mission.

"Kids in Bluegrass" offers a remarkable philanthropic opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our of students and the future of Bluegrass Music.

There are many details to be considered with a charitable planned girft, so please consult your own attorney and tax adivosr before your decide which method of giving is right for your situation. Thank you for your consideration.

     Ways You Can Help

  • Cash Donations
  • Sponsor a Student's Lessons
  • Purchase an Instrument
  • Donate a Used Instrument
  • Wills and Bequests
  • Gifts of Personal Property
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Gifts of Securities
  • Gifts of Real Estate
  • Voluntary Annual Gifts

A will or other legal agreement (such as a trust) may be needed to make sure your estate is distributed according to your wishes. WIhtout such arrangements, your property may be distributed according to the dicates of state law, without regrad for your intentions or the special needs of your surviving loved ones.

Federal estate tax laws encourage charitable bequets by allowing an estate tax deduction for the full value of charitable gifts. No limit is placed on the amount that can be left to charity and deducted from your estate.

All distributions from estate and trusts are added to the endownment fund for "Kids In Bluegrass",unless otherwise restricted, and the income is used to continue our mission. In this way we can be assured that there will always be funds to operate Kids in Bluegrass, and our benefactors can be assured that this will be a continuing memorial supporting their philanthropic wishes. You should confer with your own attorney and tax advisor to determine the tax consequences of a proposed gift.

Invest in the Future!
Make a donation to
"Kids In Bluegrass" today.

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